Keep or Cut Down?

Keep or cut down- Diseased trees. We get a lot of people asking us this question. The reason we get this question often is because there is an area of uncertainty around whether or not you should prune or cut down a diseased tree.

Diseased trees- There are lots of reasons that trees will get diseases. Sometimes insects will create a disease within the tree. The disease will spread unnoticed while it penetrates other parts of the tree. Sometimes trees will get a disease because something within the tree malfunctions. You may see this happen with just certain parts of the tree. Perhaps, you will see this when one or two limbs have just died, yet the rest of the tree looks healthy. Sometimes, you run into the case where the disease is coming from the ground. There are times where you will see mushrooms coming up at the bottom of the tree. It will reflect that something is wrong with the bottom portion of the tree.

With all of these signs of disease, it is important to take note that you need to do something right away. Sometimes this will mean that you will need to cut the tree down right away depending on how far the disease has run within the tree. However, there are some things that you can do to save the tree early enough.

Our friends from Hawkeye Tree Service have given us some suggestions on how to take care of some of the problems with diseased trees. There are times where you can simply cut of certain parts of the tree. This is the pruning process and it will help stop the disease from spreading and thus save the life of your tree. There are times where you will need to inject some chemicals into the tree in order to save its life. There are also some times where you will have to address the mushrooms or fungus at the bottom of the tree. From digging these up to using certain approved chemicals to help with the disease growing will be where you need to focus.

Hopefully, this article will help you think through whether or not you should cut down or keep a diseased tree. We would like your feedback concerning your own experience. If you have had a diseased tree, then please feel free to tell us what you did.

What Are the Best Trees to Plant?

We receive lots of questions as to which are the best trees to plant. The answer to this question depends upon the area you live. However, we always recommend that if you are thinking about cutting down some trees and replanting trees, then we recommend planting pine trees. There are many different reasons to plant pine trees. One of the best reasons is that they grow tall and give you more space to plant more trees. They also work better because you do not have to worry about leaves.