Why Have Quality Lighting In Your Kitchen

In order to work properly, professional chefs should ensure that their kitchens are properly lit. However, not all types of lights will provide the proper lighting required and therefore you ought to be very intentional in the type and design of light fixtures used in the kitchen. But why is lighting so important in the kitchen and what should you do to ensure that you get the right fixtures?

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Importance of Proper lighting

Ideal environment

Preparing food requires different ingredients and spices. Some of these spices may be stored in containers that are identical or almost similar. Without proper lighting, confusing these spices can easily happen. This may lead to the preparation of horrible food for clients which ultimately leads to loss of clients for your restaurant business.


It is also easy to miscalculate the location of different objects like stoves which may lead to the occurrence of accidents. These accidents can range from mild to fatal and therefore they may lead to loss of life. Accidents that involve fire may burn down the restaurant and any adjacent buildings leading to destruction of property and major setbacks for those who own the buildings. Without proper fire exits, the fires may also lead to loss of life.


In the era of social media, restaurants upload photographs of different activities including the food preparation. Without proper lighting, creating the best environment for great photography may be an uphill task. Shadows and dark sections may lead to poor photographs. It is therefore very important to ensure that the kitchen has the best lighting.

But what type of light?

Most of the lights can be classified under two categories; work lighting and decorative lighting. Work lighting is ideal for the provision of a serene environment to work. Decorative lighting on the other hand can be used to separate different areas inside the restaurant and to create great aesthetic value for the restaurant but would not work well for the kitchen area.

Choosing the best type of light for your kitchen

Just like with all other fixtures, there are experts. They will help you in choosing the most appropriate lighting for your kitchen based on its measurement and location. However, as much as they give their opinion, ensure that the lighting suggested is sufficient for your space. Also ensure that it is not too bright such that it affects your eyesight. In addition ensure that the fixtures are put of the way in order to prevent accidents.